classic manicure $18

French Manicure $25

Shellac manicure $38

full acrylic set $49

Acrylic Filling $25

Gel Full set $59

Gel Filling $35

​                                              GEL TAKE OFF $5


Classic Pedicure $35

French pedicure $45

Shellac pedicure $55

Sea Salt and Hot stone Pedicure $60

Deluxe voesh spa  pedicure $70

Combined manicure & pedicure services

Classic manicure and pedicure $50

Lavender pedicure and manicure  $70

milk and honey pedicure and manicure  $80

Hot stone pedicure and manicure  $90

Deluxe voesh spa pedicure and manicure $100

​​​Nail Services 

Our technicians all come from a divert background with years of experience collected over the years from working with other spa as Red Door, Avalon, and ect. Focusing on client's hygiene and is our top priority. Sanitizing all non-disposable instruments after each client's uses has always been a mandatory procedure. It is not only required by The Virginia Broad of Cosmetology, but it is also good work ethic and is done to ensure that upon leaving our spa you would look and feel great!!!